Image: Katrina Folkwell

Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre is a not for profit community organization based in Northern Rivers, NSW, providing dance and theatre workshops for persons with disability. We focus on opportunities for integrated dance, dance and physical theatre training, collaborative and disability-led process, and developing dance theatre works that inspire mainstream audiences and promote a more inclusive society. This year we are Finalists for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Community Dance.

Image: Katrina Folkwell

Since 2012 we have run more than 80 dance and physical theatre workshops, collaborated with hospitals, schools, community groups and many amazing independent artists, curated 4 exhibitions, and created 4 new full length dance compositions. We have engaged up to 40 persons with disability from all over Australia, as well as many other participants and facilitators from mainstream backgrounds, and offered professional performing or directing opportunities to 7 skilled dancers with disability. We are agents for social change on many levels, from the individual to the broader community, changing audience perceptions of what dance is and who can do it.

Image: Fiona-Reilly

“The emotion of the bandages dance was heart-wrenchingly beautiful and so moving … brilliantly conceived and professional executed… the whole performance was incredible! Not a dull moment… unbelievably good choreography… this was more than a performance, it was witnessing dancers giving themselves totally to achieving something exceptional… Stunning choreography…  The ending (Signatures) was breathtaking… dancers were so present and connected with each other… some movements were so fluid yet unexpected! … I cannot explain, but I could not peel my eyes away.” Audience responses to 2016 “Encounters”