Can anyone join Sprung!!?

Sprung!! “Open Doors” workshops such as First Saturday Clowning and First Sunday Dance are open to persons with or without disability who have an interest in theatre and dance and the ability to engage. We have worked with individuals with many varying abilities and disabilities, and work collaboratively with families, carers, and support staff to match the participation structure to individual needs. Major projects are open to more experienced dancers by submission of Expression of Interest and involve a higher level of commitment to private and group rehearsals. Dancers and theatre-lovers without disability also come to Sprung!! workshops, because of the gentle, respectful creative environment and to gain experience in working in theatre and dance with persons with disability.

Can I try first?

YES! We like new dancers to attend a First Sunday Sprung!! workshop afternoon in the first instance, so you can meet us and get a feel for our work, and we can consider your support needs. Sprung!! uses collaborative processes to explore ideas and to make interesting work that comes from within.

Is there help with transport?

We understand that transport can be difficult for persons with disability and make every effort to connect persons to transport options from their region, which are usually available for a small contribution. Some of our support staff are registered through us with NDIA as assistants in travel and transport.

I can’t afford the workshops. Is there support available?

Sprung!! is registered as an NDIS provider for the category, Innovative Community Participation, and for Social and Community Participation (pending our third-party validation). If disability support or other funding is unavailable there may be in-kind support options.

Do you have a risk management policy and disability action plan?

Yes! Examples of the plans in action include: individualised risk management plans for all new dancers during the registration period, A first aid licensed person is present at all Sprung!! workshops, A representative for persons with disability attends Board Meetings, and we actively seek persons with disability to fill roles in the organisation.

Are Sprung!! dancers with disability paid for performing?

As an ensemble, we value all dancers input, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Our senior dancers with disability are regularly paid for their contributions to workshops and performances. We have 7 dancers with disability on the payroll.

Do you incorporate sign language into the dance workshops?

Do you incorporate sign language into the dance workshops?