Sprung Integrated Dance Theatre Inc

is a not for profit community organisation providing dance and theatre workshops for persons with disability, with a focus on opportunities for integrated dance, dance and physical theatre training, collaborative and disability-led process, and developing dance theatre works that inspire mainstream audiences and promote a more inclusive society.

“Honouring the creative spirit through dance, theatre, integration and collaboration”

Constitutional Objectives
1. To provide opportunities for persons with disability to engage in dance and theatre in a respectful, supportive and inclusive setting
2. To provide training opportunities for aspiring professional dancers with disability
3. To develop dance and theatre works of high artistic quality that showcase the talents and unique qualities of dancers with disability
4. To engage with the wider community through partnerships, workshops and performances.
Since its inception in 2012 Sprung!! has run 45 one-day workshops, 19 week long workshops, 12 community performances, 4 gallery exhibitions, 2 public forums, and created 6 new dance compositions. We have engaged up to 40 persons with disability from Brisbane to Yamba, employing some 25 local artists and giving paid performance opportunities to 7 skilled dancers with disability. We are agents for social change on many levels, from the individual to the broader community, changing audience perceptions of what dance is and who can do it for up to 5000 persons that have attended our performances

Sprung!! Incorporated as a Community Association in 2013, enshrining these principles in our Constitution. We have DGR status and are on the Register of Cultural Organisations for tax deductible donations. We are in the process of applying for registration as a Charity in Australia.

Here is our 2017 Board and advisory panel:

President: Dr Robyn Brady, Paediatrician and Writer

Vice-President: Frank Coughlan, Social Worker and Youth Counsellor

Secretary: Adam van Kempen, Solicitor

Treasurer: Frank Coughlan a/a

Ordinary Member: Gay Bilson, Writer

Ordinary Member: Jane McGregor, Retired Nurse/ Community worker

Ordinary Member: Ulla Gehrich-McGregor, Medical rehabilitation specialist

Ordinary Member: Emma-June Curik, Arts Producer

Dancer’s Representative (Disability): Tara Coughlan (Dancer)

Public Fund committee: Dr Robyn Brady, Adam van Kempen

Bookkeeper: Melva Macaulay

Legal Advice: Botrill van Kempen

For membership enquiries please use the Contact Us page.

Sprung Constitution April 2015

Sprung Inc Membership Application