Four Dreams

Four Dreams

FOUR DREAMS is a series of four short dance works devised by four dancers from Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre, mentored by Michael Hennessy.

This project was supported by an Accessible Arts/LTCSA grant and a crowdfunding campaign through the Australian Cultural Fund. The works were presented at a Don’t DIS My Ability day performance at Tintenbar Hall in December 2016, and excerpts subsequently toured to the Bold Festival in Canberra 2017.

Lizzie (Elizabeth Venn) has a dream. In her dream the 26 year old dancer wakes from sleep in her Northern Rivers bedroom and finds herself on Broadway, “the paparazzi, the cameras, the close-ups… its a crisis!”

Michael Hennessy, artistic director of Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre and ex Sydney Dance Company dancer, helped to give first flesh to her dream, on stage in “Hopes and Dreams” as part of the Sprung!! 2014 “A Day in the Life” production. John Rado, filmmaker, has provided film backdrops for this and then co-directed Sprung!! 2015 “Portals” performance installations. Now Lizzie is ready to go to New York to complete the story.

Dancer Tara Coughlan also has a dream. Her dream is of letting her cabaret self loose to make a contrasting ”Night in the Life” at Luna Park. Max McAuley dreams of using his funky dance moves to integrate his feelings about loved ones who have moved away. Sinead Skorka Brennan dreams of performing with her mother, who is a professional cellist, and of expressing her passions for dance and affairs of the heart. These three dreams remain unrealised, waiting for development money to help them unfold.

Four Dreams is a dance theatre work that gives artistic flesh to these stories of the heart.

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September 8, 2017