Residencies: dancers with disability

In 2017 Sprung!! is offering Residency attachments to experienced dancers with disability from other parts of Australia for the following projects:

First Sunday Weekends: This option is available in March, April, May, August, September, November and December (the weekend that includes the First Sunday of the Month) and can range from 2 days (Saturday and Sunday 10-4 for Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance) to 5 days (Thursday, Friday and Monday have access to private mentoring and studio space by arrangement).

Project weeks: “Dancing Stories”, “Contemporary Dance Immersion” – see 2017 Programme for dates and details.

Dancers should be capable of independent living with support, and be engaged in regular long term dance training. Billeting may be available- please enquire. Interested persons should submit an EOI and referee contact details.

Attached please find EOI form for dancers interested in further work with Sprung!! e.g. project development workshops. Places are limited: Dancers should attend a First Sunday Sprung!! and talk with Michael Hennessy prior to applying.Dancer Expression of Interest-SPRUNG-2016