Programme 2018

Sprung!! Provisional Programme 2018

January Sprung!! Contemporary Dance “Boot Camp” with Michael Hennessy, Asher Bowen Saunders

Mon-Fri Jan 15-19th 10-4 plus special guests

Sprung!! First Weekends Open Doors:

CLOWNING Saturday, DANCE Sunday

10-4 pm Tintenbar, 60$ per day including lunch

February 3-4

March 3-4

March 31/April 1

May 5-6

June 2-3

August 4-5

September 1-2

November 3-4

December 1-2

February Sprung!! Creating Stories film and photography week with Jan Cattoni and Katrina Folkwell tbc

Mon-Fri Feb 26 March 2

“Dancing Stories” week with Anna Seymour Contemporary Dancer (Deaf) tbc

Mon-Fri April 9-13, 10-4

July Clowning Open/ Intermediate

Provisional July 2-6 and July 9-13