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Donations over 2$ to Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre are tax-deductible in Australia. Sprung!! is registered with the ACNC and is on the Register of Cultural Organisations in Australia.

You are also welcome to request that your Donation go to a specific  project:

A: “Oh How I Dreamt of Things Impossible” Michael Hennessy’s next major work for integrated dance ensemble, currently in development

B: “Sprung!! Healthy Food Project”: Support our blend of learning, eating and sharing in the community. 400 Healthy meals served to Sprung!! workshop participants since January 2017

C: SHARE HOUSE: This Disability-led theatre and hiphop project has legs!! We will be performing at Newcastle Crack Festival in September 2017 and in Lismore in December, with aspirations of five ultrashort dance theatre films watching the comic genius of the SHARE HOUSE  gang at home, at work, and at play.

D: “Dancing Stories” Deaf-Inclusive Dance Theatre with Anna Seymour, contemporary dancer (deaf) and Michael Hennessy. Dancing Stories 1 was a major success, donate now to support Dancing Stories 2 in April 2018.

E: Non-profit Governance: Company sustainability and viability require careful governance and attention to strategy, team structure, financial well-being and risk management. Help us keep Sprung!! healthy and viable, and maximise our use of other income on artistic output, by contributing to our administrative costs.