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Donations over 2$ to Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre are tax-deductible in Australia. Sprung!! is registered with the ACNC and is on the Register of Cultural Organisations in Australia.

You are also welcome to request that your Donation go to a specific  project:

A: “Oh How I Dreamt of Things Impossible” Michael Hennessy’s next major work for integrated dance ensemble, currently in development. This project explores the fascinating workings of the creative mind.

B: “Sprung!! Healthy Food Project”: Support our blend of learning, eating and sharing in the community. More than 800 Healthy Meals served to Sprung!! workshop participants, artists and volunteers since January 2017

C: SHARE HOUSE: This Disability-led theatre and hiphop project has legs!! They loved us at Newcastle Crack Festival in September 2017, and raved again in Lismore in December (“The feel-good show of Art-State”). Now we’re trying to get to the Brisbane Anywhere Festival for shows on May 11-12th, Can you help?

D: “Dancing Stories” Deaf-Inclusive Dance Theatre with Anna Seymour, contemporary dancer (deaf) and Michael Hennessy. Dancing Stories 1 was a major success, donate now to support Dancing Stories 2 in April 2018.

E: Non-profit Governance: Company sustainability and viability require careful governance and attention to strategy, team structure, financial well-being and risk management. Help us keep Sprung!! healthy and viable, and maximise our use of other income on artistic output, by contributing to our administrative costs.