I always love dancing and enjoy dancing. It was always my dream to do something with my mum… [My Mum Kaja Skorka is a cellist and so am I]

[Now that Im finished school ] I hope to do much more cello and to take up the piano.

[In this piece] I want to express how much I love dancing, express it from my heart.

[I wanted to dedicate this piece to] .. my grandfather, he died 3 years ago, and to Sammy Gunner my beloved ballet teacher…

[If I get nervous] … I sing HU inwardly, it is an ancient name for God. It calms my nerves down and then I am just happy who I am…

[Regarding process] … I was planning my moves beforehand in my head but when it comes to the show I add some other bits.

[My hopes and dreams] … Dancing is always one of them, to dance professionally. I of course always hope for a boyfriend.

For me the best thing [in Sprung!!] is that I made new friends, I knew Tara but now I am also friends with Max, Elizabeth and Zac and the guys from the Byron Youth Theatre. I have lots of fun dancing with Sprung!!

Photograph by Katrina Folkwell. Interview with Robyn Brady January 2016