“Im a professional dancer/ performer.

Sprung!! is a national dance company to join if you love dance. I love being around everyone, to share my talents, to perform. [Ive been doing] Sprung!! A long time, to learn the moves in my body. Every morning I do my own hiphop moves in my own time out here on the deck.

[Sprung is] really good and I love dancing so much and I love hiphop so much

Looking at the video of me and my father and my little dog, Buddy- I really miss him a lot – I walk in, put my head up, do my dance … I do big movements, look at the sky, at the ceiling, then I look back down, remember the moves …

With my slow moves, Im looking at my hands, I take photos of my hands, my feet, the shadows. I scrunch my arms, scrunch my shoulders, my girlfriend copies the move …

[This dance is about] 2 cowboys dancing like real cowboys- it’s all new moves- I got it in my body and then practice practice practice- I made it all up then I put it in my cowboy dance. In my story they are partners, when they are finished dancing they go back to the stables to look after the cows. Then they have a shower and go meet some hot girlfriends.

That’s my moon walk, [Im going over] to lift Michael, [those are] my finger moves; [those are] some giddyap partner moves.

I love teaching hiphop, everyone is catching up with me, next year I want to be a hiphop teacher, the Sprung!! children to do some hiphop with me

Im really focused on my dance [While] Im dancing I feel happy and sad, but after Im finished dancing, I feel just happy. Its in my heart … the good memories … my story”

Interview with Robyn Brady January 2016, Photo by Katrina Folkwell